Angler Scout


For the kayak fisherman just starting out or for those most concerned with affordability, we created the Bending Branches Angler Scout.

Assembled in Osceola, WI USA


Blade Size 6.9 x 17.5 in.
Blade Surface 95 ss. In.
Shaft Aluminum
Shaft Length 240cm
Weight 36 oz.
Colors Include: Orange

The Angler Scout provides all the necessities as well as the dual tape measure built into the shaft along with the hook-retrieval system built into the blade. Sturdy nylon-reinforced fiberglass blades bookend an ovalized, aluminum shaft giving you a strong, tight paddling stroke. The Angler Scout comes with a snug-fitting 3 hole snap-button ferrule that is adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, L or R. This paddle is available in lengths from 220cm to 240cm, in 10cm increments.

The Bending Branches Angler Scout is proudly made in Osceola, Wisconsin.


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